Editions of myZure™ Apps Planned for Future Release

The following list highlights future editions of myZiure™ Apps to be released as our development journey continues on our Product Road map...

Property / Liability Edition​

  • Like auto physical damage claims, your insurer must inspect your damaged home or belongings before you receive a settlement check. Most homeowner's property claims are settled as actual cash value, at least at first.

Life Insurance Edition

  • Unless you have an endorsement that provides some of the life insurance benefit prior to death, you will always file a life insurance claim for someone else.

Commercial Edition

  • Commercial claims are often for large dollar amounts and involve many people. 

Injury/Accident Edition

  • If you or someone else is injured, whether in an auto accident or otherwise, you must report it to your insurer and answer questions about the loss. 

Liability & Auto Physical Damage Edition

  •  When your vehicle is damaged after an accident, call your insurance company and report the loss.